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El Santo

well this is an image i did and my first Digital painting of the greatest Mexican wrestler in the history of Mexico.Not only a wrestler but also a great actor.


Process Junkie said...

Nice rendition! El Santo was my favorite (Mil Máscaras was my second favorite and Blue Demon was my brother's), when I was a kid we went to see the movie: "Santo y Evaristo Contra Los Secuestradores" filmed entirely in my native Ecuador, I also won a contest sponsored by a radio station when I was 11, which gave a prize to the best 'Santo" drawing. Woohoo!! :)

ivan godinez said...

hey thats awesome that you are also a big fan of these luchadores.cool, do you still have that drawing?have you done anything lately based on the luchadores, man i would like to see that happening.laters!!

ivan godinez said...

whats up Alberto, how u been?First, got to tell you that the final drawing you did from the sketch its awesome.Kicks ass!!!Its amazing what you are capable to do.Well i've been putting up more of my art, so feel free to check it out and any advise you would like to share with me.laters!!!