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The Hills of East L.A

Well, this is a beautiful picture taking during sunset of Downtown L.A from the hills where I live. This side is the East side of L.A or East L.A. Its so beautiful up here just for the whole panorama view we have. It extends far right from the Dodgers stadium all the way to the port of Long Beach and to the same direction you can see the tower of LAX but, only if you have "the eye of an Eagle" like I do! In the future i will share more pictures from up here. Hoping you enjoy this picture of Downtown L.A during sunset from East to West, South to North im out.. -Thank you!


manucha said...

Hello Ivan,
Such a beautiful picture of LA from the eastside. I'm familiar with that angle you've taken that picture, I've been there several times to just hang-out and look out at the city. I'd enjoy seeing some more of your Los Angels pictures. It's funny, but I just realized I've lived here all my life and I don't have any pictures to show what my eyes see of where I come from. Thanks for sharing your city and inspiring me to someday do the same.

Keep doin'n your disapline and passion in drawing, for your a very good artist.

Best wishes in your creative journey!! :)

ivan godinez said...

well thank you very much for your time to check out my stuff.Little by little i'll have more stuff out there.take care, alrato!!